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May 22, 2019
In Robot Builds
Hy everyone, iam working on a nice clean Electrical Enclosure for my AR2. This week i decided to make my own custom Mainboard for the Enclosure. I would make the PCB in Matte Black. It looks very nice with the White Silkscreen. Here are my Specs from this PCB-Version 1.0.4: Added a 24V (up to 1Amp) Fan Molex Pin, a little Script on the Raspberry would manage the Speed over the Dallas Temperaturesensor Connection for a WS2812b LED Strip (or Single LED), for Statuslight, a Jumper to choose LED Signalinput from AtMega or Pi 6 Inputs over Optocouppler (but with common Ground), for 24V Sensors a AtMega 2560-16AU µ-Controller (like Arduino MEGA) Disconnectable Raspberry Zero W over a Header (Flat or in 90° Angled) Networkconnector for the Limitswitches Connector for a 8 Channel Relayboard Outputs with Screwterminals for the Stepperdrivercards incl. External Track and 5V out PCB Size: 100 mm x 150 mm (could be smaler in final Version), Double Layer Here is a preview from the Mainboard, its not ready at the moment. You got any ideas or optimizes whats make this PCB better and nicer? Please tell me here in the Comments. Finaly the PCB is not at the Manufacture. You can create this Mainboard with me. ☺ Also in the future i will sell these Boards if they are ready and tested. Thanks for attention and wonderfull greetings from Germany Daniel
Mainboard for AR2 content media
May 04, 2019
In Questions
Hey Guys and nice Greetings from Germany, is it possible to run the Software on a Raspberry PI system? I would create a Handheldpanel with Touchfunctionality and a little 3D Mouse, would be easyer to handle and Teach the Robot. Like a KRC from KUKA. Any Ideas?! Greetings Daniel


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