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Max Favre
Mar 04, 2019
In General Discussion
Maybe just an idea here for Chris: Brushless motors could be an option. I don't know if you know odrives There's a discord channel with a lot of great minds: A v4 is currently in dev. It'll be single axis with a smaller form factor. Near motors drivers may be an option.
Max Favre
Jan 08, 2019
In Robot Builds
Hi there ;) I finally pulled the trigger, can't wait to build it ! Thank you Chris for all your work and sharing it, It's awesome. Meanwhile I'm printing plastics parts and working on the controler. I plan to build something similar to the smoothiebrainz CNC controller I made a few years ago: But the big plan is to connect almost everything with a single top PCB. Pins will be soldered on the bottom and screwed in the driver's connectors. I can either put an arduino footprint or mount a mega2650 directly on the pcb. Not yet decided but I have everything in stock so... Early WIP: How is the heat generation on the "recommended" enclosure ? I might add fan(s) if I go compact.
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Max Favre
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