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Alexandre Le Roux
Feb 11, 2022
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Hello, I am designing a robot from scratch with a differential wrist similar to the one on this video : I would like to modify the program of the AR4 for the teensy 4.1 to fit these new kinematics, but I'm not that good at programming. So I have a few questions : Is this allowed ? Just making sure. I found some formulas about differential wrists on this publication : Here are the formulas, which I think will apply to my design : So I'm not looking for someone who will do all the work for me, but rather some help on where to look in the program to implement these equations (line numbers or something like that), if that is possible, because i'm a bit lost in the complexity of the program. Also, I do not plan on using encoders for this project. Do I need to make modifications to the AR4 teensy program to make it work without encoders ? Here's a pic of my work in progress : Any comment or help is welcome ! many thanks !
Modifying the AR4 program to fit a differential wrist content media

Alexandre Le Roux

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