Apr 20

Custom Robotic Welding Arm

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im in the process of designing my own robot to use the ar2 programming software. all the electrical components have arrived besides steppers. I have designed an end effector to hold a modified welding torch. I have designed to be very similar to a touch probe to prevent hard crashes. my concern is the possibilities of the welder interfering with the electronics. im more of a mechanical type of guy so im still learning but would shielding cables etc.. prevent this? thank you for any assistance you may provide. I work with fanuc weld cells on the daily so I thought it would be fun to have something to play with in my home shop.

I am not sure what electrical interference issues you may have, but I would be concerned with that as well. I know that the solenoid valve for the pneumatic gripper can interrupt the USB communication to the Arduino and I have to use a flyover diode to remedy that. I’m not sure what shielding or precautions need to be taken with a welder but I am very interested to know what is needed. I had planned on trying to do some robotic welding wi in the future I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

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  • I read the build manual for the AR3 robot and found that during the build for the control box there is nowhere in the BOM does it mention the 5v PSU used in the build. Any specific PSU you'd recommend or any 5v PSU will work?
  • Hey Chris, is there a minimum screen resolution for ARCS? it wont dynamically adjust to my screen size that is 1366x768.
  • Hi Chris, I've purchased all the parts to upgrade my AR2 to AR3 but have run into a issue right at the start. Your AR3 Robot Manuel shows additional mounting holes for the encoders on the back of the steppers. My steppers do not have additional mounting holes in the back. I'm assuming that I need to drill/tap these myself? I don't see anywhere in the instructions where it directs me to do this... I'm also confused on the length of the shaft out the back... mine all seem short. The instructions included with the encoder are pretty basic and do not really help to solve this issue. Thanks!