Feb 27

Cad-files to Fusion360

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Hi, Is there anyone opened cad-files with Fusion360? I'm about to buy this Cad-files but witch one would be better for Fusion360?



Mar 2Edited: Mar 2

Hi @jokke, I just recently purchased and ported the SW version over to Fusion 360 with the thought that the assembly positions would stick; forming the complete AR2 assembly and was pleasantly surprised to find that it did. However I would recommend unpacking any nested .zip files or folders in the download before going over to fusion; IE "Misc Parts". Fusion tends to like it when there are flat folder systems of Solidworks parts and assemblies when moving over. I have not tried the step version but made the assumption that the step versions would be all individual parts without a master assembly step file containing all of the components. @Chris Annin would have to speak to the structure of the step file version. Also, keep in mind that all of the existing parametric relationships will be destroyed as fusion will treat the SW files just like step files (with some minor bonus exceptions) and there will be no mating relationships leftover so the AR2 assembly will not "move" like it will in SW. I'll be trying to document some of the process of reconditioning the AR2 model with mates and parametrics and keep you updated if you like in the "Builds" section.

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