Jan 26

3D Printer Settings


I was reading the instruction manual and there isn't much mentioned about the printer settings. It did say that the prints should be 2mm layer height and 2mm wall thickness. Is that correct for the layer height or should it be .2mm? 2mm layer height would require a larger nozzle and from most of the pictures I have seen, it doesn't look like the printers have been printed with a larger nozzle.


If anyone can share what printer settings worked for them I greatly appreciate it.




using a Davinci 1.0 printer I printed all parts at 2mm layer thickness with thick shells, all spindles were 90% solid and all other parts I printed at 50% solid. I believe there are a few notes on printer settings at the beginning of the manual but I will double check.

Feb 11

Should be 0.2mm layer height.

Never heard of 2mm layer, at least not for small parts like these.

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