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Neyvin De Leon
Jul 19, 2020
In Questions
I am trying to gain a strong understanding of how to communicate with robots by deciphering how to send commands to the AR3 directly through the serial monitor. Do you know how I can command the robot to move an arbitrary amount? I just need one working example for any joint. I have tried the following but it doesn't look like I got the format quite right: MJ99 A99 B99 C99 D99 E99 F99 G99 H99 I99 J99 K99 L99 M99 N99 O99 P99 Q99 R99 S99 T99 U99 V99 W99 X99 Y99 Z99 I realize Chris already built a superb GUI to eliminate the need to do this, I just love taking a peek under the hood :)

Neyvin De Leon

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