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London Moscow
May 19, 2019
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Hi Everyone, following are my questions and observations kindly give your thoughts: 1. Nothing is moving when i hit upon J1 & J5 button in AR2 Software. I checked power supply and it is ok. 2. J2, J3, J4 and J6 all are moving in 1 direction only. 3. J1 driver starts blinking Red when i connect my laptop and AR2. Without these connections Red light doesn't come. What could be the reason?  4. After pressing Limit Switch, i am not getting Dark LED light(not even Dim light) as suggested by @Chris Annin in Troubleshooting manual. LED light doesn't get dark for any of the 6 switches. Where could be the problem? 5. In the "Calibration" window under AR 2.0 software, Motor Direction Output should be "111011". Please clarify. 6. In Limit Switch pins i am getting following DC voltages: 5 in top pin and 2.35 in other two middle pins. Please verify if this is ok? Also i request @Chris Annin and others to make at least 1 video covering various troubleshooting issues. Thanks
London Moscow
Mar 14, 2019
In General Discussion
Hi, It will be great if we can put up list of Compatible Grippers for AR2 so that one can try various applications. Chris, I liked AR2. It's a great start. Kindly provide your input as well. Thanks

London Moscow

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