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Anon Y. Moose
Sep 08, 2019
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Hi, 1) I've been having some trouble with my build and the software. Jogging J1 seems to have no effect. Jogging J2 moves J1. Jogging J3 moves J2. Jogging J4 moves J3. Jogging J5 moves J4. Jogging J6 has no effect. I've checked for continuity on every connection, from the drivers to each motor, and everything looks okay. I've confirmed the ribbon cable connections from arduino to the motors is also okay. 2) The limit switches seem to have no effect. I see no light come on the Arduino when they are triggered. If the motors in movement, tripping a limit switch has no effect. I've checked continuity on all connections, and everything looks okay. Any thoughts on what could be causing these issues would be appreciated.

Anon Y. Moose

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