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Apr 18, 2021
In Robot Builds
My build is still in progress, but the arm is going on top of a custom server cart for portability and rack-mounted hardware. I am testing a magswitch mount for the base - I expect to use three or four contact points, but these are two 150 lb units so far. The cart will have a rack mounted computer but also has Jetson nano for machine learning and image processing. I intend to use some of the other resources shared here for ROS and MoveIt. Just a render so far - need to pick up some steel and should be able to fabricate this in the next few days. I also will be DIN rail mounting all the components, and using the CZH breakouts (those are sweet!). I have most of the bracketry designed, and am in the process of building out the enclosure.
Racks and Magnets and Rails, Oh my! content media


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