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Feb 03, 2019
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Our J2 seems to travel in a single direction (+). When we press (-), the motor continues to the (+) direction. We connected J1 driver output to the J2 motor leads and it went both directions. I've check continuity from the J2 driver to the J2 motor pig tail, and it seem fine. We connected the J2 driver output to the J1 motor leads and the motor just went one direction. Anyone have an idea as to what is going on? Also, J5 driver is not responding. We swapped the J5 and J6 digital signal pins from the arduino and could control the J5 motor with the J6 signal pins, but never successfully were able to control a motor from the J5 driver while jogging it in the program. If y'all know of a different test I can try let me know. The best I can tell I have a bad driver or the program isn't sending a signal when I try to jog the J5 Motor.


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