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Corey Boyle
Jul 23, 2020
In Questions
Does anyone have a source for how the equations for the Euler angles for forward kinematics were derived? They don't seem to match with the included picture for RotX/RotY/RotZ? y = ATAN2((H62/I8), (G62/I8)) p = ATAN2(-I62, SQRT((I60^2)+(I61^2))) r = ATAN2((H61/I8), (I60/I8)) Thanks! Corey
Corey Boyle
Jul 09, 2020
In General Discussion
Hi All In the process of building a 3d-printed AR3 and wanted to confirm the J5 encoder settings. In the manual on page 158 it says to set the J5 encoder to 512 steps per revolution, however in the teensy sketch J5encMult is set to 2.56. Is this a typo in the code or manual, or is this an expected difference? Thanks! Corey

Corey Boyle

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