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Cody S
Mar 29, 2022
In Robot Builds
I am in the process of building the AR4 and noticed on page 176 of the manual that there is a J6 limit switch "tip". This is 3D printed and I can't seem to locate it within the zip file. Am I missing something? Thank you,
J6 Limit Switch Tip content media
Cody S
Mar 15, 2022
In Robot Builds
I have been designing a module gripper setup for a little while now. This is the prototype of the servo gripper. The mount and gripper have pogo connectors which allows for a quick swap if the user requires a different gripper. I hope to build 2 more consisting of a vacuum and pneumatic grippers. The vacuum gripper will hopefully accommodate dual suction pad grippers with dual mini vacuum pumps to operate each pad independently. I am currently sourcing parts for that one via AliExpress as it looks impossible to find suction grippers in Canada. if you have and criticism towards the build please let me know.
AR Modular Gripper content media
Cody S
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