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AR4 Vision Control

I've added some new vision functionality. You can download software version and sketch version 2.2 to try it out. I also added an updated CUI sketch version 2.2 for people with the AR3's CUI encoders. Keep me posted if you find any issues and I'll do my best to keep making it better.

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Software Version 4.3.1

There were some bugs on the vision tab with the snap and find drop down selection. I have replaced 4.3 with 4.3.1 on the downloads page. Please let me know right away if you find anything I missed.

Controller sketch file version 4.2

I discovered a bug in the previous sketch 4.1 that can potentially cause position errors with J1 & J2 during certain movements. Please update to 4.2 on the downloads page. Thank you.

Issue with MK2 base enclosure print file.

Hello, I'm sending out this message to let everyone know about an issue that was brought to my attention. There is a height issue with the J1 base enclosure for the AR4-MK2. I have modified the base


@Chris Annin

Updated Post:

I re-watched the video again and found the mentioned Vision Grid.png file in the AR4 MHI interface 2.2 exe folder. I will expand and print that image and do the testing. Thank you again for the work you've done with everything!

Original Post:

Sorry if you mention this somewhere, but I looked in the manual, forum, and misc files zip - but couldn't find the printable grid image for calibrating the machine vision. Could you please point me in the right direction to find that file or the specifications of the grid to make my own?

Are the blocks 10mm x 10mm?

Chris Annin
Chris Annin
Dec 31, 2022
Replying to

Sorry for the late reply. Im glad you found the file in the exe folder. I believe that grid template I used was .25" blocks but it wasn't a driving factor I just needed a simple grid to provide the X1,X2,Y1 positions.

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