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AR4 software Ver 2.1

Hello all, I added version 2.1 to the exe files under the AR4 downloads. 2.1 is exactly same as 2.0 except I compiled the exe with the latest version of Python 3.10.8. I had a few people reporting issues after the last windows update so I recompiled the exe file with the latest version of Python and so far people are not reporting issues. Please message me if you have any issues with the software. Thanks.

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Software Version 4.3.1

There were some bugs on the vision tab with the snap and find drop down selection. I have replaced 4.3 with 4.3.1 on the downloads page. Please let me know right away if you find anything I missed.

Controller sketch file version 4.2

I discovered a bug in the previous sketch 4.1 that can potentially cause position errors with J1 & J2 during certain movements. Please update to 4.2 on the downloads page. Thank you.

Issue with MK2 base enclosure print file.

Hello, I'm sending out this message to let everyone know about an issue that was brought to my attention. There is a height issue with the J1 base enclosure for the AR4-MK2. I have modified the base


I want to buy the complete Ar4 kit, and the motors go by step, so that I can confirm the payment and if it is in stock, and the time it takes to reach the state of Florida

amigo buenas tardes soy de ecuador y me interesaría adquirir el kit completo ar4, estaré en estados unidos en unos meses como podría hacer para adquirirlo , físicamente

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