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Aluminum kits back in stock!!

I have 100 aluminum kits in stock and I should be keeping them in stock from now on.

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J3 belt tension

I wanted to send out a note to everyone to make sure you get the J3 belt tensioned properly. It does need to be fairly tight and cannot have any slop in it. A couple people have had this issue recen

Software Version 4.3.1

There were some bugs on the vision tab with the snap and find drop down selection. I have replaced 4.3 with 4.3.1 on the downloads page. Please let me know right away if you find anything I missed.

Controller sketch file version 4.2

I discovered a bug in the previous sketch 4.1 that can potentially cause position errors with J1 & J2 during certain movements. Please update to 4.2 on the downloads page. Thank you.

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Hi Chris, I would like to use this robot for removing molded sprues and runners from a small injection molding machine we are selling. Do you think this would have enough torque to pull the sprue, lift out, swivel, and drop part in bin? I believe the travel is within the A2's capabilities. Parts can be easily removed from mold by hand. Currently using a pneumatic arm as in video:

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