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2nd round of robot kits - pre orders

Hello everyone, just wanted to post an update. I have 40 sets of robots being constructed which I had hoped would be ready by the end of August. The vendor just contacted me yesterday and said he has not been able to get caught up from some delays and we are looking at first or second week of September. I will keep in close contact with him and try and get them here as soon as possible. I really appreciate everyone's patience as I attempt to ramp up on order sizes and keep these in kits in stock without using crowd funding or investors so we can keep the price as low as possible for everyone. I really want to thank everyone for your help getting this project off the ground. Every bit of money that comes in is going right back into the project to get more kits in stock and continue development. My goal is to get 100 robots under construction as soon as I can. I will post more updates as soon as I have information.

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