Feb 25

5 axis offset


Hi everyone, I've been following this project for a long time. I built this arm, I used stepper motors and harmonic reducers. as a structure is very stable, I have carried out tests for repeatability, and they have done well. now the painful notes come: having adopted a geometry a little different for the 5 axis, I would like to know if it is possible to move the offset to make the x axis and the y axis laugh, with the commands from software.


Feb 27

I suggest you go back to the excel spreadsheet. enter in all of the geometric information and see if the forward kinematics make sense. You will have to figure out for that offset what "a" or "d" values and apply to it (or add one, I am not an expert). once you have done that, verify when for example if j1=0 and j2 = -90 (link 1 vertical) and j3=90 (link 2 horizontal) j4 =0 j5 =0, does the X, Y and Z values correlate? meaning if your special J5 offset was zero, y would be 0, in your case for that joint condition, the Y value should be equal to the axis offset special to your robot. if that is OK, pay close attention to the calculation for the inverse kinematics columns OPQ rows 16-27. the J2 and J3 angles should be the same If there is an update needed, once you figure out the math in the excel, go to the section in the python code and find the section that has the math and update it. the variables of the names in the spreadsheet are the same used in the python code.

Feb 27


thanks for the reply, I will try to use the exel table, even if its operation is not so clear to me.
if I do not arrive at anything, I'll let you know.
as soon as I have the opportunity I will post more videos.

Hello :) Please share your project and part's for 3d print or cnc mill :)

Mar 4


shortly I will post the photos and (if Annin agrees) the project.
Jun 10

first test......

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  • Hi Guys, As I have been having so much fun with my AR2 Robot I just wanted to share a little more of my build. A super big thank you to my Buddy Chris for the awesome amount of work he is put into this project I am excited to say that I have ordered everything to build the newer AR3 robot. I am hoping to participate more in the Forum with the progress of my new build. Here are a few links to video clip of my AR2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/4kotsAAKtzRW9gxPA https://photos.app.goo.gl/NwNrMnFB1ekGHJFv9 https://youtu.be/t4HPfhZHC2c
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  • I'm working with a small group of students to pilot a new education program called Robot Inc. We're challenging students to start their own robotics startup. We have a thriving First Robotics program but I've always been disappointment by how much money and effort goes into those competitions only to build a robot that really doesn't do real work. Additionally the robots are always very similar year to year and are remote controlled instead of autonomous. If that same effort and funding could be going to building a real robot that does useful work, then I'm sure we can find willing buyers. We're using the AR2 to give the students real robotics experience before they create their own custom robot. This robot was 3D printed on a Uprint FDM printer. This type of printer creates almost solid parts and is highly reliable. Additionally, we laser cut the covers out of 1/8" black acrylic The cover support for J2 was 3D printed as one piece on a Mark Forged Onyx printer with kevlar reinforcement to give it a bit more rigidity. We still have some adjustments to do as well as clean up the wiring but its looking pretty good. We're having fun getting used to the software. One cool upgrade would be to use Dynamix servo motors with feedback. If those were used then you could "teach" the arm by physically moving it to the position you wanted then teaching it that position. You could also then incorporate crash detection. It would definitely increase the cost substantially but could be a worthwhile improvement for the pro users.