Nov 9, 2018

Windows 10 Support?


Hey Chris, I built the robot and wired everything up. I was trying to run my first test today but when I tried to run the exe, it just opens as a text file. I'm running Windows 10 Pro. Does the exe support windows 10? If not, is there a workaround?



Nov 10, 2018

The AR2 program was written using python 2.7 on windows 7 x64 and py2exe was used to make the executable. Unfortunately I dont have a Windows 10 machine to test with but looking at the py2exe site section 5.2 lists some dependencies for python 2.7 which may help. Is there a log file in the AR2 program folder?

Nov 10, 2018

Oh boy, this seems to be far beyond my skillset. I'll try to find some help with this. I don't see a log file in my AR2 program folder. If you have any advice or if there is anybody that has gotten this to work with their windows 10 system, please let me know.

Nov 13, 2018

I'm running windows 10 but I'm still constructing the robot. I'll be able to share my progress when I get there.

Dec 19, 2018

Hi Stephen, I got around to the software today and got it working on Windows 10. Did you end up getting it working on your end?

Dec 19, 2018

@paul hey Paul, I haven’t got it working yet. please share the steps you took as I’m sure others may find it helpful as well. Thanks!

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Dec 19, 2018Edited: Dec 19, 2018

Hey Stephen, I’ve been running the AR2 software on a Win10 machine, with no problems. I saw your post a while ago but didn’t comment because I thought saying “it works for me” wouldn’t be helpful. I loaded up the exe folder on another Win10 machine and ran into the same issues you did - it opened a text file. So I installed python, thinking that would be the trick. Still opened a text file. I finally realized my want to click the file above it, with the description “Application” not the one with the name “AR2.exe”. I just opened the files on another Win10 machine, one which doesn’t have python installed, and the correct application opened up with no issues. I’ll attach a screenshot to hopefully show what I’m talking about. Hopefully this shouldn’t need to install a bunch of extra things just to get the exe to run - that’s the point of the exe, it’s already compiled with everything it needs.




Dec 19, 2018

You can change your folder options to show all file extensions, and then you’ll see that the Applications changes from “AR2” to “AR2.exe” and then the text file changes from “AR2.exe” to “AR2.exe.log”. That should be the log file @Chris Annin was referring to.

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