Oct 31

Has anyone had trouble with the play in the J4 motor.


Has anyone had trouble with the play in the J4 motor. There is about a 3 to 4 degree slop in that axis that is in the motor. I can turn the axis by hand and the motor spins about 3 to 4 degrees. The gear and belt are good but motor itself rotates. Any suggestions?

I have never seen that much backlash in the Nema 11 gearbox for J4. When you say gear and belt are good I assume you mean the sprocket is not slipping on the gearbox shaft and set screw is tight?

I have ordered a new stepper because it seems like there might be a bad winding. Moving J4 in 1 degree increments has problems. Sometimes the stepper moves and sometimes it doesn't. Will let you know if that cures the problem.

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