Oct 16

AR3 teaching pendant


Edited: Oct 16

is there a way to input teaching pendent values through the Arduino mega?


Currently you must use the ARCS software to send movement commands or use that with the Xbox controller. I don't have a teach pendant for the robot.

Jarrod Butlin
Nov 3

Im new to robotics so probably wrong but i thought with the closed loop servo feedback you could turn off motor possition hold and use the arm itself as a teach pendant? Ive just seen it possible on other small arms.

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  • I read the build manual for the AR3 robot and found that during the build for the control box there is nowhere in the BOM does it mention the 5v PSU used in the build. Any specific PSU you'd recommend or any 5v PSU will work?
  • Hey Chris, is there a minimum screen resolution for ARCS? it wont dynamically adjust to my screen size that is 1366x768.
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