Nov 11, 2018

AR2 Updated BOM


So the PDF version of the BOM is difficult to use especially since its divided up into multiple pdf's. I've compiled a excel version with links and pricing as of a few months ago. I hope this helps. I may have left out a few small things so make sure you double check but I'd say its at least 98% complete.

Nov 11, 2018

Wow, excellent work! Super helpful. I must admit I got lost in the original BOM documentation a few times.


I don't live in the USA so regularly isn't the best option for parts. Might be interesting to have a column for alternative suppliers but low priority.



Nov 13, 2018

Feel free to add to mine for those outside the US and reshare. It can be a different page or additional columns

Nov 15, 2018

@hube268 Hi Hube, I've uploaded your spreadsheet to a google sheet so it is easy for people to make contributions in the sake of "open sourceness". I listed you in the credits and used your formatting. I hope this ok.


I have only added in the "Hardware" section for bolts and screws which came in with a savings of $127 on a $153 original budget. I've tested the screws in comparison with the original and their quality is acceptable.


Chris, anything you would like to comment on the Google sheet or the approach to alternatives?


AR2 Components - Google Sheets

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