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The Annin Robotics AR series of robots are desktop size industrial robots that are free open plan low cost robots.  Anyone can make these robots and they can be made using aluminum components or you can 3D print the parts yourself.

These robots are widely used in small automation processes and in hundreds of high schools, technical schools and colleges in a variety of educational programs.

The AR2 robot was the initial release of this robot and is the open loop version, The AR4 is the latest generation and is closed loop with encoders and compatible with RoboDK software.

The 3D print files, operating software and assembly manuals can all be found on our downloads page for free.

Aluminum parts and hardware kits are available

on our kits page.

The goal of the AR series of robots is to create the lowest cost option so that anyone could build a 6 axis robot for fun, educational purposes or small production operations.

My goal is to continue improving the software and functionality and provide the lowest cost solution for a 6 axis robot that can actually be used for real tasks.

AR4 assembly.jpg
Photo groupe serpe.jpg
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